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Panorama Hillsborough – How They Buried the Truth Britain’s worst football disaster BBC documentary

A Panorama investigation reveals how police, politicians, lawyers and judges all played a part in burying the truth about Britain’s worst football disaster. …


  • Urdnot Wrex 8 months ago

    we never gave up on revealing the truth, and we won’t give up until people are brought to justice for killing our brothers and sisters! JFT96 YNWA

  • thechosenMOE 8 months ago

    Police a disgrace

  • BangCoachesNeverDies 8 months ago

    Absolutely disgusting, a guy just wanted to save face by blaming this tragedy on the innocent fans, **** me, there really is nothing more sickening than this. I would love to see justice brought to the ****, that police chief, but since the higher powers were corrupt by hiding all this from the families of the dead, he is gonna get away with this. I hope it eats him up, he is a vile and wretched thing he is. Also, JFT96 (YNWA) from a Mancunian Southport Fan.

  • John Wall 8 months ago

    R.i.p the 96 and Anne Williams x

  • surbon514 8 months ago

    What an absolutely horrendous tragedy! My deepest regrets for the victims, even though I was barely born when this happened. In hindsight it looks to me as if those ‘support rails’ and prison like cages were a tragedy in the making. Hope the authorities have learned something from this.

  • FiifaGaames 8 months ago

    Also RIP John-Paul along with the other 95… John-Paul was Steven Gerrard’s cousin. They will be missed. And yes this is a Haiku :D

  • FiifaGaames 8 months ago


  • jockframe100 8 months ago

    I remember it well so sad. Mistakes made caused so much pain RIP

  • Egan Vyravene 8 months ago


  • Pauly pastizzi 8 months ago

    Thank GOD he finally got rid of that wicked old ***** Thatcher, may she rot in ****!!!

  • Pauly pastizzi 8 months ago

    JFT96 YNWA LFC 1892 -/3

  • Josh baker 8 months ago

    Unfortunately those connections may explain why you are talking out of your **** :/

  • IrishWidowMaker 8 months ago

    Magic & heartfelt comment, Thank You. From a LFC fan of 44 years

  • IrishWidowMaker 8 months ago

    If the filth that murdered the 96 don’t see the inside of a cell in the very near future, I believe the people of Liverpool should find them all & personally take our revenge & find justice for ourselves. JFT96

  • Niall Foody 8 months ago

    My cousin was at that match and he’ssly

  • Jake Towler 8 months ago

    Don’t trust the police!!

  • agaichapter25 8 months ago


  • Rogue Trooper 8 months ago

    Look at these suited up pillocks standing around chatting on an open pitch whilst folk young and old are clearly in extreme distress. It was a travesty from start to finish.

  • TheOfficialVeNNom 8 months ago

    it was his cousin 

  • sherlock congram 8 months ago

    Come on, that kind of talk about a dead woman is beneath the story here, doesn’t show respect to the victims.

  • sherlock congram 8 months ago

    Horrible as it is, it won’t help your cause to use words like “****” and “****”, makes you sound like the type of people they’re calling the crowd. Stand tall, state your case, be proud of the facts and the people who are bringing the facts forth.

  • Peter D'Agostino 8 months ago

    Saw Liverpool win 5-0 at Hillsborough in the 80′s when they did the double, fantastic team and a massive following, the Police didn’t give them the big end because it was easier to manage them coming over the Snake Pass

  • Peter D'Agostino 8 months ago

    A lot has been said and many years have passed, one of the top bobbies is my nextdoor neighbour and my Sister still lives close to Leppings Lane, the ‘truth’ is somewhere in the middle, no particular person or facility can be held to blame

  • TheCheeekydog 8 months ago

    JFT96 YNWA 

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