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CRASH (1996) Full Movie HD – (No Ads) uncut




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  • MookieMonet080203 8 months ago

    Having a Hard Time Understanding the Point of This Movie …. It was Interesting Tho

  • Hamza Shah 8 months ago

    Shuda called this movie Pantz not crash lols

  • krishnagiri74 8 months ago

    Good movie

  • Spin Rash 8 months ago

    This movie i watch years ago didnt realise this intensity so sick. My poor patients with pins rods drill into the brain after a car accident shame on such a movie.

  • 2002mslg456 8 months ago


  • 2002mslg456 8 months ago


  • JessicaDrakeSexGuide 8 months ago

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  • BigLumpyTool 8 months ago

    Thank god you posted those. Cuz I have no ******* clue what the rest of the movie is about, even after watching the whole **** thing.

  • Mark Kingston 8 months ago

    *** addicts and psychos: BOORRING!

  • Ordeon abucco 8 months ago

    depressing, couldnt go on watching, maybe its more for guys….

  • s m shahrukh 8 months ago

    this is a brilliant movie showing an erotic/graphic example of paraphilia

  • Hilal Kindi 8 months ago


  • jamminjackhammer 8 months ago

    ******* classic. why did they stop making movies like this?

  • backspace men 8 months ago

    nastiness and most foolish movie ever 

  • Jo Squash 8 months ago

    who da *** will have *** in a car whiles its driving

  • khbkb 8 months ago

    I saw this thing when it first came out in theaters. I remember a brief conversation with a theater employee as we bought our tickets. He told us people had been walking out early in the film and demanding their money back. I still say this is Cronenberg delight. Unforgettable last lines 1:30:42 Are you hurt? I think I’m alright. Maybe the next one, Darling.

  • ucin sadewa 8 months ago

    hahahha nga sabarr ya kalo punya ling yg bagus kirim dong

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