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End of the world 2012 full movie فيلم نهاية العالم 2012 كامل ومترجم


  • julianberg31 9 months ago

    that fat russian guy sounds like jabba the hutt

  • Hector Barboza 9 months ago

    I have a shirt that reads: I survived the Mayan Calendar!

  • saif saifbadami 9 months ago

    Qiymat ka din ka pta sirf ALLAH ko hai

  • jon phillson 9 months ago

    Brilliant film, really enjoyed it… Thanks for the post :L

  • XShadowHDLZ 9 months ago

    Yeah ! i remember this last year , this is great story and all of us that commented here was there too !

  • mystisme 9 months ago

    the movie maker did not do his homework ancient mayan and incas was talking about galaxy alignement with the center of the galaxy not the planet alignement that already occured in the end of1980s, and this galaxyal alignement occurs about every 26000 at the end we are just beggening a new cycle to zooadical trip wich lasting every one of them about 2100 years to pas throw one, calculate that inevery 72 years we move 1 degree throught a zoological sign

  • Chiz Gino 9 months ago

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  • fernandovargasgale 9 months ago


  • chaoswarden69 9 months ago

    This will be a good story for my grandchildren..

  • hanalunnana 9 months ago

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  • ExtremeGamingNews8 9 months ago

    Don’t you mean “God is not real” sir there is the bible there is the ripped apart one somewhere on earth I think! So when we die we end up in blackness for eternity DA FAQ is the that!

  • Mitchell Tansell 9 months ago

    LOL I’m watching this in 2013

  • Cupid Stunt 9 months ago

    Ha, i remember when this happened least year. This is great live footage.

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