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Gargoyles (1972) FULL FILM

This made for TV monster movie certainly hits the creepiness scale with it’s depiction of a long dormant tribe of supernatural creatures that are awoken afte…




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  • vivaciousgrantvg 10 months ago

    Why. I. Can’t.  Use. Utube. R. Internet

  • YourUncleScroatie 10 months ago

    Got some tinfoil…where’s my comb…

  • lupegaru2 10 months ago

    Watched this back in the early 70s when I was seven or eight…..It was scary then, and about as far as they would go with tv horror that was shown on a weekend in daylight hours.

  • AnonaMousetookmaname 10 months ago

    Hey, The Cactus Motel. I got VD and lost my virginity at the same time in that little bit of an oasis. What a great memory.

  • AnonaMousetookmaname 10 months ago

    Really enjoyed this in my youth, thank you for returning it to me.

  • Lynn Clark 10 months ago


  • vigo894 10 months ago

    Imdb says part of this movie was filmed in my hometown.

  • Bartleby1701 10 months ago

    I watched this as a kid and it TERRIFIED me… always told my friend about this REALLY scary movie….it finally came on again or I got a vhs of it or something – but now we were both older – and it was the cheesiest LEAST scary thing ever! She never let me live it down…

  • MARBIZARRO 10 months ago

    you are mistaken. Imagination is taken to it’s full potential when you read books- no storyteller voice, you have to IMAGINE everything. I read a lot of those, maybe you don’t read much at all. I said this could have been better even in ’72, not with modern fx. Inoshiro Honda made far better costumes with rubber and Roger Corman would have made a darker, classier film for half the budget. But maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about, go listen to your radio instead.

  • tapeduk 10 months ago

    I love the storm in the background starting at 28:43

  • Mark Mealey 10 months ago

    TY again for posting this. I remember watching this as a young kid, usually on a sat or sunday afternoon (oddly) and it would freak me out for days! The way i remember it, it seemed like i would just happen to catch it like once a year (remember kids, this was 30 years ago, when cable was new and most peeps had 4-6 channels total) then i just never saw it again. Have searched YT for YEARS looking for it, so thanks again!

  • RickLowerboy84 10 months ago

    How in the world did this never show up on MST3K?

  • weinchafe 10 months ago

    If you look to the credits, the Gargoyle make up was made for Stan Winston…

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