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Jet Li The Defender Full Action Movie

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  • maggie clark 9 months ago

    bell girl great movie;;;;;;;;;;;

  • devina saiank 9 months ago

    jet li cooooooooll man

  • tubesomnath 9 months ago

    Simply, Love it.

  • Nicola Powell 9 months ago

    Jet li is so cool and fast and precise

  • Nitin Bhondwe 9 months ago

    GR8 Movie !

  • qmahamud 9 months ago

    I like this fantastikk movie

  • july julyka 9 months ago

    i love u jet li mwhaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

  • anekzdawg 9 months ago

    cool movie!

  • jordanthecat 9 months ago

    Things I learned from this movie: 1) If two dozen assassins are shooting at you in your living room, hide behind the couch. 2) If you’re in an airtight room filling up with natural gas, drink plenty of water. BTW, that gift in the box at the end should have been her electronic amulet beeper thing. That would have made more sense. Thanks for posting, thecrazyhorror1

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