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Silverado: Will Hoge “Strong” Music Video | Chevrolet

Watch Grammy award-nominated singer-songwriter Will Hoge’s latest video and the new Silverado anthem, “Strong.” Like Will, the hardworking, honest and depend…


  • aram nagle 7 months ago

    too bad this man doesn’t exist in the modern world. We’re so lost these days. I miss my grandparents. Who were married by a preacher doing yard work a half hour after they ask him, and his wife the witness.

  • jefferyminte 7 months ago

    I love the song! But not the video. Where’s the black mens it’s alot of them out there just like them.

  • Bob Jekel 7 months ago

    This song describes everything I wish I was as a man.

  • Ucanthandlethetruth5 7 months ago

    A liberal wrote it.

  • Astronautsoup1 7 months ago

    A is for America. M is for Merica. E is for Erica. R is for Rica. I is for Ica. C is for Ca. A is for A.

  • Sven Bowsher 7 months ago

    This is me. This is my song when I’m down. And it lets me get my head back on so I can go back to helping and being with everyone.

  • Steven McPherson 7 months ago

    Liberals wouldn’t understand this song.

  • Baylie Hailey 7 months ago

    I love this song hailey ;) 

  • TheDanth123 7 months ago

    I’m black and I like this song.

  • Randy Africano 7 months ago

    Excellent point…

  • Randy Africano 7 months ago

    Will… In case no one has told you yet, this song and the airplay it will get will be the tipping point of your career. The one that puts you on the map so to speak. Strap on in buddy, you’re in for a helluva ride.

  • Rich Self 7 months ago

    I Can Not Believe That Anybody Would Dislike This Song. Those Disliker’s Are Obviously Extremely WEAK! This is a Beautiful, Awesome And Sweet Song.

  • Josh VanTubergen 7 months ago

    People like you are the heart of America! Stay Strong, Be Strong!

  • Terrance King 7 months ago

    Chevy commercial did bring me to this song! Great lyrics, great song, over all an awesome American classic.

  • JERRY ALLEN 7 months ago

    great song will thanks 

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